07 Oct 2004

acidsearch and awesome

there's been quite a bit of blog activity happening associated with the sn17 room-o-bludge.

anyway, i guess this is as good a medium to reply to things happening on other people's blog. first off, anil's comment about no way to customize safari's search box thingy. well, i've been using acidsearch for a while now and it works great! you can customise where your searches go, so to anywhere from gentoo bugzilla, python library reference, to finding true love.

as for his other post about HEM getting kudos everywhere, from notcon to (evil!) nytimes to wired. that's awesome! their stuff is so cool, if you were to buy up one small startup this year, then this is the one!

final comment. please note that my blog is all about quantity, whereas some others are all about quality.

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