07 Oct 2004

modulating data over traffic lights

this great idea comes from keio university. so they're transmitting data over traffic lights by modulating them in the visible spectrum. apparently they can also get 9600kbps out of them, not bad. obvious use is getting drivers when the lights are going to change. so what else can you send over that link that might be useful? maybe pedestrians can use it too?

i guess it might only work when stationary, but if it worked while in motion, it could also tell when the next set of traffic lights are, how to get through the town with the least stopping, traffic info, etc, italian job style.

btw, there's other cool stuff in that gizmodo article about stenography for qr codes in pictures and of course the bluetooth robot i mentioned yesterday. funny that the robot is red.

 Cda Static Image 2004 10 06 Kas02

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