13 Oct 2004

itunes 4 music library file is locked

hrmm, this morning i was using Missing Sync's itunes plugin to sync some songs through USB to my Palm Zire 71. I accidentally unplugged the palm without unmounting it on the apple side. my itunes then got stuck and i couldn't close it. looking at the processes, it was stuck on a umount -f process.

when i finally got things cleaned up (eg. rebooted), my itunes wouldn't come back up. it complained about a problem with my itunes library. I think the exact message was "The iTunes 4 Music Library is locked." after searching apple's support site with no luck, unsurprisingly google found an answer to my problem. thanks to mt. molehill's tips about it, i got my library back! all it seemed to be was a stray file lock that persisted over a reboot.

all you mac haters can now laugh and point now.

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