16 Oct 2004

jon stewart kicks some ass over at CNN

this is the most hilarious transcript ever on CNN! (via metafilter) and also you can download the torrent for the interview. you've got to hand it to jon stewart, the only person with any intelligence left on american political tv.

(update: there's suddenly ALOT of coverage on this ever since it aired on friday afternoon, many people are talking about it, even big news sites. so here's a quick couple of link to this funny scenario where a CNN talk show is nurtured live by a comedian. some have a direct video link if you hate bittorrent)

jon stewart torches, jon stewart to tucker carlson: "you're a dick, stewart tangles with carlson (read p3 of that . male pride!), Boing Boing: Jon Stewart's Crossfire appearance on bittorrent

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