21 Oct 2004

experiences with thunderbird on osx

i've tried to give thunderbird a spin on the mac for the last 2 days, but i'm going to go back to apple mail. thunderbird is a nice client, and i'm going to continue to use it as a newsgroup reader, but for mail, it still needs a bit of work. observations:

1. it doesn't scan all the IMAP folders on the server for new email. this is particularly annoying when all my filters are server-side and i have to click thru every folder to see if there's new mail.

2. their threading is nice, but i can't figure out where to enable threaded view globally.

3. their preferences dialog really needs a bit of love, pressing the advance button shouldn't cause the thing to zoom in and out, it just annoys me. also, fonts on each panel seems different. the accounts panel should be in the preferences, not in a separate menu.

4. when replying, it puts the cursor on the bottom of the email to encourage bottom-replying.

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