09 Nov 2004

back on the intraweb super tollway

after slugging it out for the last couple of days to get a submission into mobisys 2005, i can now enjoy the sweet fruits of the internet. here's a link round up of all the crap that is currently open on my omniweb visual-thumbnail-tab-drawer-thingy!

rawr-denzvous - growl-enabled rendezvous listener. listens for mac/rendezvous enabled applications appearing on your LAN. great for stalking people on college and lab networks :P similar to how we use bluetooth in SN17 to track people ;)

1TB Network Attached Storage (NAS) - what looks more cool and holds more MP3/AAC/AVI than this? especially when it comes with the all useful "store shit mode".


self-powered bike pedal lights!! i gotta get me one of these things, so people can steal them in cambridge .. emm ..


itunes compate oakely mp3 sunglasses?? i guess so. why don't other mp3 player manufacturers do the same?

view large documents on a small screen by using tilt. i wonder if this will take off.


delicious library, the index-your-life application has just been released! isght barcode scanning, emm .. here i come and test you out. reviews are already rolling around.

btw, why don't people just use OCR on the numbers underneath the barcodes? i read somewhere in the specificaiton that they were there because they were easily machine readable.

Cover Big

six tuner PVR? rock on brother!


wonderful picture taken from the daily dose of imagery.

Distillery Negative Single Cloud Dark-2

sleepy japanese people!

Japanese Business Man-12

last but not least, what japanese people think of operating systems (via wikipedia).


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