11 Nov 2004

evobarcode - isight barcode scanner

so i'm intrigued by this evobarcode scanner from evolution software. this uses an isight, which along with autofocus, apparently allows you to do manual focus as well, so it gets around the problems with normal webcams.

anyway, i did some simple playing around in my room, which is a little dark, just to stress test this thing a bit to check out what it can actually achieve. there's another piece of software that was recently released called delicious library that also has isight barcode scanning, however, that you can only use if you fork off US$50 for a registered version.


first experiment is with a extra chewing gum packet. as you can see, the barcode is quite visible, and clear, edges are well defined, it gets that without any problems


now if you pull away a bit, the barcode edges are a little blurry, and it can't recognise it anymore. this is around the furthest away you can get it to recognise it. if i put it closer around 1-3cm more, it'll lock on to it again.

another thing i noticed when you use this is that its very hard to position the barcode in front of the scanner, because it is in mirrored mode. maybe one thing to do is to have the display flipped so that moving the thing to the left, also shows the image moving to the left.

throughout the thing, CPU stayed at around 60% on my 1GHz Powerbook, so i suspect that maybe 1/2 of it was to do the image capturing and 1/2 to do the recognition? which isn't too bad.

finally, this isn't really a review, just writing up what might be an interesting app that i've come across. without a compelling reason to index my life, the barcode scanning is sort of useless.

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