11 Nov 2004

sn17.org updated

after several requests from farnsworth (the one that isn't a doctor or a professor yet), i've wide-screen enabled sn17.org. it is now wider than ever!! on another note, i've added new cute little icons and tweaked the colours/fonts a bit, added a new fancy punchline, added some unix-username to cutesy psuedonym mapping to my custom planet.py for pybloxsom.

we're still waiting for bender's ml-blog. apparently its coming along, only stalled because there is something called "research" that needs to be done. hopefully now its totally kicking ass and "taking names", we can convince more sn17 people to contribute. i've got the icons setup and everything.

there are still issues with the rss feed and encoding entities, plus blog links don't work yet. i want to add a per user feed (well, actually just to separate farnsworth's feed from the "all users" feed.) also want people to start using del.icio.us to share bookmarks. we can create an sn17 keyword and have an rss feed for that as well on the page.

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