16 Nov 2004

hotpot night

well, so i hosted a bunch of people hot pot on friday night. there was many food and many people. most of them hongkies, with one or two exceptions! hope they didn't mind us rude obnoxious ppl :)

for those who don't know, think of hot pot as a fondue without the cheese. replace the cheese with soup base and instead of bread, you put in all sorts of vegetables, meat, noodles, etc. we did alright with 4 pots, and ended up with much left over food!

this is possibly the last thing that will happen before i move on saturday/sunday! after then, we'll have an even bigger place to have parties! oh yeah!



room before the onslaught!


people getting bored!

more photos to come on the hkpgs website after i fix the damn gallery.

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