16 Nov 2004

recap: birth of the new responsible kieran

i don't know why no one has blogged about the transformation of the quake playing, phd hacking kieran to the responsible husband (read: wife-slave) kieran.

so it started off on the 6th with an unconventional stag day/night, starting with some quake3 playing, futurama watching and then degenerated into a beer drinking, curry eating and risk playing kinda night.


here's what happened at the end of the night: the black and whites joined together to dominate europe and africa, the communist red cornered and the liberal blue states overflowing into asia, australia and north america. the environmentalist greenies were relegated to the coup-hungry south america. as celebration, we all had colour cereal to finish off the day!

after a night of unruly behaviour, it was time for kieran to get married on the following saturday. i didn't take any pictures because my camera and phone had run out of battery. but there was much dancing (mostly by others) and alcohol drinking. oh yeah, and some one got married! and also someone caught the bouquet .. we all know who's wedding we'll be going to next!

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