16 Dec 2004

powerbook battery coming back to life

so mac os x 10.3.7 was released yesterday, and i updated it immediately to see if they (secretly) fixed the 12" battery drain problem. nothing in the release notes suggested they did anything about it. but last night after rebooting into 10.3.7, i discharged my battery, and to my surprise, it actually stayed up for over an hour with wireless on! previously it only managed around 20 minutes. (even though it was 0% charge for nearly an hour.)

on my second draining cycle, it stayed up for a little longer, but it seems like my battery is usable! i'm going to go through a couple more charge/discharge cycles and see if it improves any further. either way, if it stays at only around an hour's charge, i'm going to need a new battery anyway.

so it is looking more and more like 10.3.6 is the culprit affecting 12" PowerBook G4's battery/PMU. teresa's powerbook has also been exhibiting strange behaviour when she had wireless turned on.

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