04 Jan 2005

street art and french press

yesterday, i finally got my act together and bought a french coffee press. the really can't stand having instant coffee (nescafe) without any milk. i like my coffee black (because milk makes me sleepy) and instant coffee without milk was like drinking raw sewage with a straw. i only got a tiny one, makes 3 cups (which actually translates to probably 2 cups -- kinda like when you buy a laptop and they say 5 hours battery when what they really mean is 3.)

anyway, the coffee is sooo much better than instant coffee. not that i drink that much coffee at home, but i'm trying to perfect the art of not sleeping, so it does come in quite handy.


the other cool thing i got was a design book on "street art." so apparently, street art is different from graffiti. street art is a general umbrella term for people who make the urban environment their canvas. like putting down stickers, painting icons, tagging, etc. its really interesting and creative. i'm not a fan of pure graffiti, but street art, is really awesome. one famous example is keith harring, where his icons have become world famous.


i'll probably talk more about them in the future, but one of the things that i thought about while reading the book was how funny it would be to do cyberspace tagging. graffiting other people's website, augmenting them with our own social commentary in a way that isn't expected. i know that there is already a website that allows you to add decals to another URL's images so it looks like tagging.

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