05 Jan 2005

in mac related news

everyone's favourite heavy-weight manage-your-life software, delicious library was seen touting cocoa bindings as the best thing since sliced bread. i've tried cocoa bindings, but couldn't really get much of it to work the way i want. but i will probably give it another try after this article. anyway, according to the article, they have $250K of revenue!!

Delicious Shelf

secondly, the winner of the apple dashboard widget has been announced, and its a self-contained wiki application on the desktop. that probably means that macosx might ship with its wiki engine by default. i don't know how i feel about dashboard widgets at the moment, whether i would use them or not. but if notational velocity had a dashboard widget version, that might be quite cool as well.


and finally, i made a list of all the macosx apps i am currently running on my powerbook. there are heaps of stuff that i use everyday and don't even take notice. i'll add some icons, screenshots, comments and ratings when i get more time. but towards the top are apps i use more.

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