11 Jan 2005

making movie thumbnails using quicktime

i spent last night trying to get to grips with quicktime. what i ended up with was a really short program that allows me to take any quicktime playable movie (even divx/xvid/3ivx if you have the right components) and make a thumbnail out of it. the only thing i haven't figured out is how to make it output something other than PNG.


there's no copyright on that code. parts of it is inspired from some apple sample code, other parts gleaned from various tutorials on the net. its so short and ugly i don't even want to associate with it, but its my first step into the ugly world of quicktime.

quicktime is this beast which for each iteration has introduced new API to do everything the old API did, but in a different way. hence there are like 3-4 ways to actually take one frame of a video. its now up to quicktime 6, so hence you can figure out how massive the API is.

anyway, the result of this is that now i can write a script that goes thru all my videos and puts out a nice thumbnail and webpage for people to download it. i hate making people download CIMG007.AVI or DSCF0004.AVI and not knowing what they are getting until 2M later.

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