11 Jan 2005

retarded msn signup process [UPDATED]

so i tried to get another hotmail account, because i wanted to test something with msn messenger (debugging something weird with adium and mac messenger).

but its proving impossible because of their brain-dead registration process!


you would guess that in the above question, the correct answer would be "YN6D64ME", but it doesn't think it is. i think that the computer that generated has better eyes than i do. in fact, i tried all sorts of things like deleting all my cookies, i still get this. i believe what happens is that every time someone gets one correct, they generate a new one. but that particular test has been stuck there since 2 hours ago! so either there's some bug in their registration process, or no one is registering for new hotmail accounts, or that all the humans have been fooled!

[UDPATE: turns out that OmniWeb was doing some weird caching that was stopping the picture being updated. Switching to Firefox seemed to fix the problem. The below rant about the audio registration check still stands tho :P]

i even tried their audio registration check. that is even more ridiculous. it played as some sort of 8bit-8kHz low quality crackling voice which gives you letters like "B", "T", "D", "C", "E", which all sound similar. so i have no idea what the hell that would do to help blind people to register for a hotmail account!

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