20 Jan 2005

drupal xtemplate bug

i've been messing around with drupal's xtemplate system to simplify and re-do the corpus mcr website (i've taken the site down for the moment). it turned out to be quite annoying because of a bug somewhere that leaves out the ".engine" bit in the interpreter field of the database causing the system to fall back on to just the default template.

i ended up having to have an MySQL console that did:

UPDATE system SET description = 'themes/engines/xtemplate/xtemplate.engine' WHERE name = 'corpusmcr';

every time i screwed up something major. but after getting all the block tags in place, it didn't exhibit the bug. maybe i'll try reproducing it with the CVS drupal to check if its been fixed or not.

i've got to say, the new version 4.5.2 is looking very polished and nice. works straight out of the box, even the drupal website looks very professional. i'm subscribed to their dev mailing list, and the traffic is very heavy on it. looks like alot of work is going into the system.

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