29 Jan 2005

new powerbook battery!

as previously discussed, my powerbook battery has been nearing its death. various resuscitation techniques have failed miserably. i've been able to only reliably get around 40min to an hour of battery usage. at home it drops to around 20-40 min of battery time for some reason. maybe it has to do with my wireless setup.

M9572 Lm-1 but thanks to basil, i've now got a brand new powerbook battery! costing only £65 from HK compared to £89 from any UK apple store. btw, what is with the UK store calling it a 12" powerbook and the HK store calling it a 12.1" powerbook? i reliably got around 3 hours of juice last night with wireless (802.11g), bluetooth and screen turned on playing mp3s from itunes and being online! i'm still going to keep my old battery so i use it exclusively for when i plug my laptop in for the whole day. we'll see how long this battery lasts for me.

btw, if you want to dispose of an apple battery, you can bring it into any apple reseller/store.

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