31 Jan 2005

odd weekend

this last weekend of january turned out to be an odd weekend for me. eventful, yet peaceful. happy, yet frustrating. lazy, yet productive.

the week started off being an endurance test for my ability to stay awake, rejection of caffeine from my body and general turbulence in my concentration levels. by thursday, i was pretty drained of any useful output. when friday came around, i was pretty much on my knees begging for a drink to relax.

so after work, a bunch of us had some dinner at kam ling (btw, the proper english name for that chinese restaurant jinling) and then to the granta bar for some comfy sofas and drinks. actually, i was mightly tempted by the cambridge (winter) beer festival that was happening in the hall right opposite dojos. but there were a huge amount of ppl inside, and looked quite inferior to the comfy seats of granta bar. after a couple of cheap beers, i felt much better about the week! got home at around 12 or 1, but ended up sleeping at 6. this is where the oddness started.

firstly, i didn't need much sleep. managed to get by the whole day with 4 hours of sleep. incredible given how lazy i am. what is even more incredible is that i managed to go into town, do some attempted formal hall bookings (friday formal halls were cancelled so that destroyed the idea), deposited a check using the stable and secure windows xp powered depositing machines in HSBC (spot the sarcasm) and grocery shopping at sainsbury. finally, ended up in the lab where i attempted to do some work. concentration wasn't quite there, but at least the determination was.

later that evening, some friends came over for dinner. took like 2 hours to prepare, but of course i didn't do much preparing, leaving to my super flatmate who once cooked for 23 people! we then watched "the shining", which i haven't watched before, but my other 3 friends did. i've never seen any stanley kubrick movies, not even 2001 space odyssey (apparently, you must see this before claiming to be a geek). so actually, it was quite an interesting movie. basically, it was an over zealous use of the soundtrack to create tension and suspense when there really wasn't. in fact, it was nearly like "the boy who cried wolf!" there was so much over-use of suspense music. one thing tho, the characters actually did what i would of done if i was under attack, which is something i can't say about most other thriller/suspense movies.

the best bit was where my friends were saying that this particular character was going to die, and when he appeared near the end of the movie, and predictably was axed, they all jumped up in shock, whereas i had the difficult choice of watching their reaction, or the screen, because both were so funny! problem was, they were most scared than me even though i'd never watched the movie. at the end of the DVD was the making of "the shining", which is basically a very boring home video made by kubrick's daughter. what is even more desperate on this DVD is the commentary, not of the actual movie, but the making of "the shining" !!! and the trailer, that was another classic. finally, they really don't make trailers like they used to, you've got to see the trailer for the shining. in fact, i believe i could make that sort of trailer in 5 minutes on iMovie. we rounded the night off alcohol free, but with a couple episodes of south park.

on sunday, i got a respectable 7 hours of sleep and some website hacking in before going to the lab. i took over the meeting room and rearranged the furniture to do some measurements. was going to analyse the results tonight, but i ended up drinking, eating and watching "shaolin soccer". a really funny hong kong movie about applying kung fu to playing soccer with over the top scenes such as those seen in the japanese soccer cartoon captain tsubasa!

so tonight, i've ended up writing a blog entry, mainly because i can't sleep for some reason. hopefully, proof reading this would have bored me to sleep, and i hope you will doze off while reading this too!

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