02 Feb 2005

gripes about msn search

[UPDATE: note that the rant there is comparing search.msn.co.uk instead of search.msn.com, mainly because that is the search engine that msn.com thinks i should be using if i come from the .cam.ac.uk domain]

everyone including bbc has been talking about MSN's new search engine. now, here's what i think of the engine:

1. searching "alastair tse" and "liquidx" doesn't really return the relevant results for me. "alastair tse" in google ends up with the whole page of relevant links, whereas with MSN, it only gives the first relevant links (then the others is anil!)

2. searching names of people who are in my photo album curiously makes them top of the results under msn. err... if you read this, you should search for your name under both MSN and google and check if i've polluted your name ;) google doesn't rank my photo album very high, so they obviously use very different metrics. i wonder what is better, whether you want to search of photos of yourself half-drunk on my photo album, or not at all?

3. searching for non-people terms, i searched for "IBM thinkpad" under MSN's search engine, and the first hit was about installing Linux on an IBM thinkpad, whereas on google, the first result is the actual IBM web site for thinkpads.

up to you to decide which engine is better.

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