08 Feb 2005

in hong kong

just arrived in hong kong. my phone can't connect to the mobile networks. maybe i forgot to enable roaming >_<!

anyway, i got an alleged window seat when i checked-in in heathrow. turns out that they should change the name to non-window seat because i didn't have a bloody window next to my seat >_<!!! don't ever sit in 34K on a 747 for cathay!

anyway, didn't get much sleep, didn't watch any movie. just slept a bit and did some writing on my powerbook. too much to stress about to sleep properly. arrived in hong kong at 2pm, so that means i only have a couple hours to shop till i drop. right now i'm just waiting for my phone to sync with my address book on my powerbook. once that finishes, i'll pass immigration and then find my auntie. if i can't find her, then i'll have to walk around hong kong with my luggage. that isn't too bad since i only have one 6kg bag ;)

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