10 Feb 2005

finally in sydney

finally back home now. driving is fun, driving feels good. spent the day recovering from jet lag, or exasperating it -- by sleeping between 2pm and 7pm. my family abandoned me for dinner tonight, so i just had a simple dinner with my sister at home. very impressed that she can cook for herself now, unlike me!

went out to have a drink (eg. coffee) with a very close friend last night. it was his birthday the next day and i managed to keep him with me until 3:30am! i must of pissed off his gf ;) god i love not having to leave a place at 11pm >_< bloody uk! had a really long chat, basically with me moaning about things and him being very patient with me. there were a few drunk people coming in a stealing our chips. had my old favourite lemon lime and bitter.

problem being back is that my mum's car is busted, so there's a car shortage at my house. if i need to go out during the day, i have to rely on the unreliable public transport. at night, i have to wait for them to come back with the car so i can steal it! it felt so good driving again. i didn't realised how much i missed it, especially when the road is completely empty, at like 3am in the morning.

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