20 Feb 2005

sydney update

been in sydney for around a week and a bit now. it has just started raining (apparently snowing in cambridge right now) and i just finished washing my car yesterday before the rain started >_< at least now my car is clean for another year or so until i come back to aust again. my parents don't believe in car washing, they believe in free car washes from the sky.

i've just been eating japanese and chinese food non-stop since i've come back. having lots of sushi, sashimi, fav chinese dishes, yum cha etc. i'm eating like i'm going to be living in alaska soon. although to be honest, cambridge does feel a little bit like anchorage, snowing, cold and desolate. i doubt anchorage has any good chinese food, although might have lots of fresh fish ;)

i was really close to getting a mac mini if i wasn't thwarted at the last minute by a credit card that was over the limit. there are shops selling the ipod shuffle, but most of them don't have stock until end of march. basically i plan to get a mac mini that will act as a desktop and a file server, and maybe replacing the noisy pc in the kitchen that is louder than two fridges.

also went to the gym on friday, and now my body is really sore. hadn't been to the gym for a long time now, and the first time doing some weights isn't really a good idea, i guess. on saturday i played some t3xas hold'em, ended up winning AUD$60. i'm scared that every time i mention this, i'll get an influx of comment spam on my site.

have to catch up on some news and work related things now. busy ripping the last of a couple of cd's i didn't have time for last time i came back! so will post some pics later :)

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