22 Feb 2005

finished half life 2

obviously the problem with owning a mac is that you don't get to play games, or if you play games they end up to be out of date when they eventually get ported to the mac.

so being in aust, and with my brother being a PC game fanatic, i tried playing half life 2 and doom 3, the two games i would really get a PC for. well, i finished half life 2 in around 4 days. the ending was disappointing, but the game was really fun. the physics engine is kick ass, the gravity gun is really cool. i love picking up buckets of paint and throwing them at zombies so they covered in white.

doom 3 was boring. the game is dark and repetitive, you just keep on fighting the same people over and over again. maybe its just because after playing half life 2, doom 3 just seemed like yet another FPS.

i'm suprised that half life 2 could be finished so quickly though, i thought they would of made it much longer!

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