23 Mar 2005

quicksilver hint - accessing keychain

i store most of my passwords in apple's keychain program that gets bundled with macosx. its a convenient one stop to all my authentication needs. i just discovered today that you can use quicksilver to access the contents of the keychain. that means you can just copy a password out into your clipboard, or pasting it in the active application, without using your mouse.

Qs Keychain

so all you have to do is:

1. ctrl-space

2. type "keychain"

3. right-arrow

4. navigate to your password (either in login, or if you are like me and have multiple keychains, choose the right one)

5. press enter/return to copy to clipboard

6. type in your macosx keychain password.

the only complaint is that it can't also access the username field or the comments field. hope they fix that in the later versions. consequently, it seems like the next version of quicksilver will require tiger. hrmm. i was planning to upgrade as soon as macosx 10.4 (tiger) comes out, but it is still a bit odd.

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