28 Mar 2005

new keychain plugin for quicksilver

over easter monday, i decided that i would learn how to write quicksilver plugins and also solve my gripe with the existing keychain plugin for quicksilver. if this was open source, then it wouldn't of been so time consuming, but eventually i got there despite the scarcity of documentation on how the quicksilver plugin system works.


although the documentation is sparse, the system is actually quite clever, and quicksilver does alot of the heavy lifting for you so that you end up with some pretty concise code. very little error handling is required, but on the down side, you can't get any debugging messages anywhere, even in console.log.

check out the keychain plugin here. i'm planning to open source it after i write some docs to go with it. apart from the sherlock plugin from the quicksilver page, and the adium plugin, this will probably be the only other plugin that has source included. hrmm ...

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