01 Apr 2005

effects of flu

status: been bed-ridden for the last 1.5 days and currently without voice and occasionally hallucinating.

being bed-ridden has really made me open my eyes. while stuck in my bed gasping for air and water, i haven't been able to go to sleep. so i've spent the last two days thinking about choices in life. and i've made a couple of big changes that i'd like to share with everyone


yes, i'm abandoning python for the safe clutches of type-heavy ocaml. i've finally seen the light and realised that ocaml is the way forward. goodbye python! i'm announcing that members of the LCE will now be able to code their new spirit apps using ocaml. i'll by releasing ubiml in the near future! i'm going to spend the next 6 months recoding all my scripts to use ocaml. fear the 1000% speed increase!

Powerbook go bye bye

i've returned to the pc world. after seeing the windows longhorn screen shots, i've immediately sold my powerbook and bought a good old plastic dell laptop. longhorn is going to kick mac os x 10.5's ass. so i better jump ship now! hello norton, goodbye finder! i get to run my favourite ad-aware and zonealarm programs as well! eat that apple!

Lab machine gone all Solaris

yes, i'm officially sick of linux now. i've switched over to OpenSolaris for my lab needs. especially since the original SPIRIT code actually runs on SUN Solaris. here i come CDE and JavaDesktop!

iPod Shuffle Officially Sucks

i finally got my hands on a creative rio, and i must say, i would never buy a music player with no screen. i mean if people didn't want to see their music, why would there be MTV? because if you play music, you want a screen. its just a fact of life. just like radio!

Switching to a different thesis

finally, i've decided to switch from my engineering thesis to a literature thesis. i'm going to study the role of science fiction in the 13th century. i believe it will be very easy to write (at least the science bit).

blah! you know that liar's day!

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