12 Apr 2005

moving osx swap files

i have a problem with my mac. the problem is that the swap file grows dynamically, and at incrementally larger rates. for instance, the initial swap file is 200M per user, then it grows by another 200M, 400M and then 1000M (roughly). i'm not quite sure of the logic with allocating swap, but after around a couple of days of usage, (or using something that is memory intensive like omniweb or photoshop) it will start allocating the 1G blocks of swap.

i only have around 1-2G free on my main partition, and macosx stores the swap in /var/vm. so occassionally, my root partition runs out of space because of these swap files (not good)! i have another partition where i store media stuff, like videos and photos. that partition is rarely full, currently around 9G free. so i wanted to move the swap files into the media partition. apparently its not so easy, according to this on macosx.com. however, some nice people have created this thing called swap cop. it turns a script editing hell into a point and click affair! after clicking and rebooting, all is good on my root partition :D although beware, the author does not support it any more.

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