17 Apr 2005

first releasable mac app - tagencoder

i'm putting the finishing touches (drawing an icon) on my first releasable mac app. it's just a very simple drag and drop application where you can drag MP3s encoded with chinese song names (Big-5 or GB) and it will automatically convert them itunes compatible format (UTF-16). it is based on my other python module that allows you to read and write ID3 tags, pytagger.

i wrote this app partly to convert chinese mp3s i download off my friends or off the internet which are encoded in a way that is non-standard (regional) character sets to work under iTunes. also, this was a little experiment for me to play with drag and drop under mac osx.

Tagencoder Ss

tagencoder will be open sourced since i don't think i'll make money out of it, and plus, the code is in python, so you can all learn how cool pyobjc is. the whole app is probably less than 500 lines of python for the GUI. most of the code is actually in pytagger.

after the release, i'll spend some time to work on 1.1 which should make it more mac-friendly by talking about character sets in human-like way (eg. Traditional Chinese rather than Big-5) and clean up some bugs with treating encodings. pylint doesn't work on pyobjc code unfortunately, so its kinda hard to debug.

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