18 Apr 2005

dev tools: subversion and trac

i've been testing out subversion and trac recently after coming across it on colloquy's dev page (open source irc client for mac os x.)

trac is a really attractive project manager that is simple to setup and well documented. it includes a svn browser that works great out of the box, a wiki, project management and bug tracking. best of all it is written in python and works with both cgi mode and mod_python. you can get all this with a simple emerge www-apps/trac from gentoo :)

the other neat thing that i've just stuck my teeth into is subversion (svn). i've started playing around with it to setup repositories for my own open source projects, lab projects, work projects and private projects. the only hiccup i encountered was that i shouldn't use berkeley db format if my repository lives on nfs. i was wondering while svnadmin create never worked well without running db_recover. once you switch to their home grown fsfs (the filesystem), everything works perfectly.

it isn't the ultimate solution in source code management, but hell, it works well with xcode and nib files that i generate in mac os x. i can move stuff around inside a repository easily and checking code status (svn status) doesn't require network access!

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