19 Apr 2005

del.icio.us module for drupal

been hacking a little on the delicious module for drupal so that it works on older versions of PHP and also to fix may bugs and errors in the implementation. i think i've got a pretty good module now.

the autolinking feature is quite horrendous, don't know why anyone would think that would be useful. i'd like it if you could specify it explicitly in the post.


also, it is probably time for me to plug my drupal_http_request proxy patch because srcf where i host my blog doesn't allow http access without proxy. so i've had to modify drupal_http_request to check for existence of proxy servers. its a pretty neat patch, and after getting rid of file_get_contents in the del.icio.us module, i could actually use it. also, now that the minimum requirement for drupal is php 4.3 (and the debian stable host we're on is still 4.1.2), i needed PEAR::PHP_Compat to get things working!

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