01 May 2005

install macosx tiger without a dvd drive

so macosx 10.4 (tiger) now ships with dvd only. that means older machines which don't have a dvd drive can't install it without forking over a old-machines tax ($10).

here's a way to install tiger without resorting to paying more money to apple:

1. find a friend

2. check if he has a mac with a dvd drive (if not, repeat step 1.)

3. convince him/her to boot their mac into firewire target disk mode (hold down T when rebooting before you see the apple logo.)

4. connect your machine his/her machine using a firewire cable.

5. put the tiger dvd into their dvd drive.

6. boot up your non-dvd machine and hold the Option/Alt key.

7. you should see their DVD drive and install away!

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