02 May 2005

dashboard widgets development

i've been hacking on dashboard widgets over the weekend. no i don't want anotehr webcam viewer or crappy clock. i've been experimenting with writing cocoa plugins for dashboard widgets. its turned out quite frustrating given inaccuracies with apple's documentation.

i'll probably write a quick tutorial with some hints after i finish. but for the record, those people who can't get javascript to call corresponding functions in your cocoa plugin, remember to override this function:

+ (BOOL)isSelectorExcludedFromWebScript:(SEL)aSelector

return NO;


this is not mentioned anywhere in the apple docs at all except for WebScripting Protocol. by default, it seems none of your functions are exported.

[UPDATE: this dashboard debugging document seems to allude to the fact you should check that function. nice that it is in a debugging document rather than the actual guide to building dashboard guide.]

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