03 May 2005

tiger ssh hang bug

for some peculiar reason, the openssh that ships with tiger hangs for a minute when trying to connect to a remote host. it is most certainly stuck doing some DNS lookup, as running it verbose-verbose-verbose mode hangs for a minute at:

debug1: Remote protocol version 2.0, remote software version OpenSSH_4.0

debug1: match: OpenSSH_4.0 pat OpenSSH*
debug1: Enabling compatibility mode for protocol 2.0
debug1: Local version string SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_3.8.1p1
debug3: Trying to reverse map address xxx.xxx.xxx.xx.

i've tried doing all sorts of things, like running it through gdb, etc, and nailed it down to some weird interaction with kerberos/gssapi as it seems to stall inside that function. but trying everything i could, i still couldn't get it to give up on gssapi.

so i ran tcpdump to check out what it was actually trying to look up, and to my surprise, it is actually some rendezvous/bonjour bullshit that is hanging the process: > xxx.xxx.org.ssh: S 1748956853:1748956853(0)
xxx.xxx.org.ssh > S 953993813:953993813(0) ack 1748956854 > xxx.xxx.org.ssh: . ack 1
xxx.xxx.org.ssh > P 1:49(48) ack 1 > xxx.xxx.org.ssh: P 1:25(24) ack 49 > teh.intraweb.domain: 46195+ SRV? _telnet._tcp.xxx.xxx.org. (49)

as you can see, it's looking doing service discovery using _telnet._tcp.xxx.xxx.org, which is a zeroconf thing. why it is doing that and hanging while doing that, i have no idea. i haven't found anyone reporting similar problems so far, so it must be something dodgy on my side, but i still haven't found anything so far that points to me mucking about with system files.

right now, my workaround is to install ssh using fink which is working fine. grr..

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