09 May 2005

missing speedup in tiger

i was going through the huge review from arstechnica on mac os x 10.4. the most interesting bit of the review (imo) starts all the way into page 14 where they describe the new quartz 2d extreme, the successor to quartz extreme that we saw in jaguar and panther.

basically, in normal people's terms, they've moved even more drawing responsibilities to the graphics card, so you get even faster graphics! however, one caveat is that it isn't enabled by default on 10.4.0. so to enable it, you'll have to open "Quartz Debug" that is in your Development tools and enable Quartz 2D Extreme.

i notice that scroll is a little faster in safari/shiira when it is turned on, i wonder if it is the placebo effect, or if it is really that text rendering is 3x faster!

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