10 May 2005

the attack of the housing committee

so on saturday i organised a party for my housemate which involved a barbecue in our back yard. well, when i say backyard, it is actually a big common lawn with some trees. we have a small patio around 3m by 2m outside that is laid with concrete. it's kinda obvious where our patio end and where the common lawn area starts.

anyway, so we were having this bbq on our patio, and then near the end of it, some guy who i assume is the president of the housing committee of the place we live in comes down for a friendly chat. or so i thought!

this two faced slimeball comes around and chats saying how wonderful it smells and etc, then proceeds to tell me that actually we're not allowed to bbq in our own patio. ok, thats fine, he said it in the way that seemed like he thought the rule was unfair. he told me specifically to continue "because it smells so nice". i didn't know if it was sarcastic or what, no one else at the party thought it was. little did i know that this morning, we get a complaint letter from this same guy about our bbq!

firstly, this guy deliberately came down the stairs from the second floor and then walked all the way around the block to find us (because he lives on the second floor and the entrance is on the other side of the block, so he'd have to walk all the way around the block just to pretend to be walking pass for a leisurely stroll. in fact, i've never seen him leisurely stroll in the garden at all.

secondly, this guy then proceeds to slip a letter thru our letter box this morning to complain to us that we had a bbq and that it violated some sort of agreement also an attached letter that i assume he wants us to hand to our landlord telling him that we're been bad boys and need a good spanking. i don't know what the hell he and the committee. on one hand he comes around telling us the rule, and then tells us to continue, then 2 days later comes around crying and complaining that we had too much fun.

why are these people so two faced? he acts all civil and nice and accommodating, then when you're not looking, or when he doesn't have to face you, he secretly slips a lame letter to us telling us that we've been bad and we deserve to go to hell.

what is wrong with these people? they're just jealous that they don't live on the ground floor with all the ants and easy access for thieves and the ability to bbq when we want.

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