11 May 2005

hard reset for nokia phones

at least for my 6600, it is *#7370#. then it'll ask for your lock code, which usually is 12345. do this and you'll lose all your contacts, sms's, tunes, pics, etc. but at least you get a clean phone to use again.

mine keeps on crashing for no apparent reason, so maybe a hard-reset will help.

[UPDATE: so after eliminating nearly everything from my phone, it turns out that iSync Agent for Nokia Series 60v2 is causing the crashes on my phone! Every time I turn on my Nokia 6600, it will beep a couple of times followed by the dialog box "App. Main Closed." The phone boots up fine, but is noticably less stable. Eg. spontaneously rebooting. I've resorted to turning off the iSync Agent until just before I need to use iSync, and also getting it not start up on boot.]

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