22 May 2005

SNAFU! liquidx.net gets anal probed.

yeah yeah, i've screwed up. you might of seen a whole load of posts corrupted yesterday. some juvenile kids from roguenl.demon.nl and somewhere in belgium decided it was funny to remove all my posts on the front page.

problem stems for the fact i've been trying to find ways to secure some of the posts that i want to be private. so i've been playing with a contributed module for drupal called taxonomy_access. turns out that it was more trouble than it was worth. one was that it didn't do what i wanted to do, and second, was that because there were so many different permissions, i accidentally made all my posts world writable.

so i've just deleted all the posts that i think have been compromised, not that it really matters because of the low levels of intelligence in those posts. some comments were also deleted as well. that'll teach me to not have a staging site in the future and regular backups of my database :P

i'm going to sit out in the sun and cry, possibly fire up the bbq just to piss some people off, and to literally "let off some steam."

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