23 May 2005

SNAFU update

i've restored some of my posts from a backup i had (eg. restored from the web cache of one of the many machines i use.)

[UPDATE: amazingly, i also found some of my lost posts in google's cache! on the flip side, you can see how my site was completely open for people to edit, even by googlebot! search for "www.liquidx.net/node/843" and you'll know what i mean.]

however, the comments have been lost, and i know at least one post that is missing. but worry not, i think that post just said i installed tiger the other day. the value of that post is very close to zero. oh and there's one that got me linked on little-gamers, i lost that one too. grr!

so i've you're reading this thru an RSS reader, sorry about all the rss spam in the last 48 hours or so. everything should be back to normal now. i blame it all on the new star wars movie.

finally, i'm so embarassed about this site being screwed over this weekend. especially since it is the first weekend in a long time where my first 5 referrers were not spam sites!

note to spammers: i'm still not going to allow you to look at my referrer statistics no matter how many times you try. even trying every minute of the day will not make me relent. those 404's will keep on coming.

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