23 May 2005

trinity formal hall

went to trinity formal hall on saturday. even though they're such a rich college, they still can't make any decent food. we had some assortment of artichokes and olives for appetizers (uurk!), bread (highlight of the night), barbecue spare ribs that tasted like char siu (叉燒), some yellow round block of cold material that was later confirmed to be cous cous, some salad cream that hid walnuts and celery, plus for dessert, a cake with with banana flavoured things and custard.

like most posh eating places, their service was nearly non-existent. we were missing a set of knives and forks after some seat shuffling and they refused to give us any, so i had to climb over to a bunch of empty eats and BYO.

odd thing was that it was a saturday night, and there were only 5 fellows on the high table (no, it's not that they eat marijuana there), in fact they finished before we had finished our main course. they were either eating the same thing as ours and left in protest, or they were planning to go to maccas for a top up.

all in all, it was nice seeing how trinity treats their students. lucky they have voluptuous rooms and facilities to more than make up for their lack of quality in food.

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