26 May 2005

fooling around with quartz composer

in macosx tiger, there is a new fun development tool called quartz composer. it's apple's way of showing off their quartz rendering engine. you don't need to write a single line of code to create some pretty cool effects. nice thing is that the effects you use as a screen saver or just to make stupid videos for your friends.


the whole thing is a drag and drop affair. you can feed in live data or static images and connect up different effects to make your little stupid animation. i've made one that i've wanted to do for a long time. this is a particle system that uses audio as the input parameter. so the quieter your environment, the smaller the pieces, the louder it is, the larger the particles. kinda useless, but it would make a funny screen saver.

you can download it to play around if you wish. quartzify.qtz (5K - yes, the file only is 5K in size!)

if you're interested like me, check out what other people have done. looks like you can create some pretty neat computer art with it! i'm surprised that apple isn't pushing something like this with garageband for some funky DJ + artist setup.

as for research content wise, there is already a simple sobel edge detector, so you can write "patches" (thats what one box in that picture is called) that do other things like maybe recognise tags, or plot location sightings, google maps etc. too bad you can't export it to something more usable like an actual app or even a flash movie.

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