26 May 2005

mlblog is alive at anil.recoil.org

anil has updated his blog and gallery with his new and shiny mlblog. although probably nothing to do with ml or blog, he's got a very nice gallery, should go check it out. he's managed to do something really sweet in the back end with text files and images. he's probably explain in better, but as far as i know, the backend just consists of a directory of "stuff", and the engine just generates the pages by figuring out what type each file is (pdf, img, html) and making them look pretty.

better yet, he's got a complete tagging system kinda like delicious. it maybe possible for me to hack that into my own gallery engine, foton, since all my photos (maybe around 3000) are actually tagged in iphoto with names and locations. you can see keywords in the info popup on each page, but i'll never be able to integrate my photo gallery with drupal though.

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