30 May 2005

delicious improvements

over the weekend, i spent some time to improve the delicious module for drupal. i've basically re-written the whole thing to be more drupal-style.

features now include:
1. recent links blocks now can be restricted by tags (so you can tag things with a custom tag and only have your block show those links)
2. the backend puts the links into the database rather than parsing XML on demand every time. this means it should be faster.
3. reduced the number of XML-RPC calls needed. getting all the posts in one hit already gets us all the recent posts and tags from delicious.
4. i've hacked in some favicon fetching stuff after a special request. it looks pretty sweet, except that firefox seems to be able to render some .ico that safari can't. (on another note, my favicon renders in a weird way when used in firefox.)
5. removed all the local delicious link displays (go to delicious for those, why replicate the same interface?)
6. multiple blocks supported
7. fixed some utf-8 issues that stopped chinese/japanese characters to be displayed on utf-8 compliant sites. i'm not quite sure how i can go about detecting that in drupal.

still needs some more testing before i'm going to suggest to the maintainer of the current delicious module to give up on his version and use mine. but if you'd like to play around with the code, let me know and i'll send you a copy.

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