13 Jun 2005

another one to the dark side

news from the gentoo web site indicates that the founder of gentoo linux has started working for microsoft. i had to check my calendar twice to check if it was april 1st. probably less unexpected than most would of thought, given that he has ceased working for gentoo linux as a developer, although he was still operating store.gentoo.org until fairly recently.

not sure if we all remember the whole gentoo games shebang about a commercial arm of gentoo supporting gentoo-linux via vague financial contributions. i guess it was always on the cards that daniel robbins always had commercialisation of open source in mind.

i'm sure it is going to brew up a little controversy on forums, mailing lists and planet gentoo. however, daniel has his own needs and his own family to feed. i can understand that sometimes priorities trump ideals. and maybe the opportunity to spread your ideals in a part of the world where these things don't make sense is an interesting proposition.

ending on a more amusing note, will daniel robbins be sitting next to daniel c. robbins of microsoft research? and possibly, this was true all along?

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