13 Jun 2005

cool new delicious features

delicious is going to support bookmarking/tagging of multimedia files bookmarks. it's going to detect them using the extension. but possibly, it means that people will have to start deep linking on those funny video blogs.

seems like an interesting concept, but the beauty of delicious is the one click bookmarking system. if i have to look at the html source to find a video file to bookmark, then it is too much work. maybe i can write a javascript bookmarklet to extract the URL out of any embed/object tag in a page. that would be pretty easy and neat.

also interesting that it is beginning to introduce the concepts of namespaces in tags. for instance, there is the "system:" namespace and then the "for:" name space. are those arbitary prefixes or are they supposed to be an official way to segregate namespaces?

anyway, despite my caution on why this might not work, if you try it out, it is actually really useful! now we just need ones for system:filetype:torrent, etc :)

[UPDATE: i've written a bookmarklet to actually extract all the video/multimedia/embedded objects inside a page and print them on an ugly overlay on the top of your page. add the following link to your bookmark]

[UPDATE2: 17 June - updated to a new version of the script, this one now should work for both object/embed tags and common variations of params.]

[NOTE: the script is 3700 charcters long, if you strip out the whitespace, it will prob get to around 3000. if you make some obsfucation then you might get it down to 2000, but still, it won't fit into IE6's address space. so you need to employ a hack to do it. since i can't test it, if someone wants to step up and do it, let me know.]

bookmark this: submit embedded objects to delicious and change where it says "alastair" to your delicious login.

(source to the actual javascript)

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