14 Jun 2005

one touch espresso machine

we just got one of the sweetest coffee machines installed at work. its a one-touch espresso machine. all you do is press one of the buttons on the left that say "cappuccino", "latte" or "espresso" and it does all the milk frothing, coffee bean grinding, etc. there is also a steamer on the right hand side in case you want to froth up your own milk.

it even has an option to only dispense milk, so you can fill up your cup of tea with some hot steaming milk. it is quite fun though, espresso in less than a minute. it even washes itself. you just have to stand beside it and press a button when it tells you to.


the machine is actually programmable, but the specs are not public. we're trying to get hold of some so we can do our own coffee hacks :)

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