17 Jun 2005

dealing with referrer spam

i'm surprised there isn't that much you can do to deal with referrer spam from polluting your logs. not quite sure why there is referrer spam, maybe because there used to be a time when people put stats up on their web sites for the public to view.

the only effective way to deal with it is to use mod_rewrite and match HTTP_REFERRER to certain spam words. covered in greater detail here.

anyway, while talking about referrers, i discovered that google is the top referred for me. that is no surprise, but this is quite surprising (for the last 7 weeks):

referred from google: 16722
referred from yahoo: 408
referred from altavista: 79 (this still exists??)
referred from msn: 175

not quite sure what that actually means, but i guess either no body uses yahoo, or that yahoo doesn't index my pages.

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