27 Jun 2005

managing my bugs

this weekend, i finally sat down and tried to reduce my gentoo bug list to a manageable number. i got from around 50 open bugs to 11. impressive, especially since that got me number 2 on the bugzilla closing lists.

this bug windfall mainly attributed to me moving some ebuild submissions that have stagnated on my bug list to the new maintainer-needed alias, and smithj kindly taking xscreensaver/rss-glx off my hands so i can concentrate on packages that i _actually_ use.

over the next couple of weekends i should be able to devote some time to pruning bug lists of various herds i'm in to a reasonable number, probably starting with well neglected app-dicts and pda, and then over to python and cjk.

also, does anyone use fenris? i'm having a hell of a time trying to get it to compile. i'm very tempted to remove this from portage if no one can provide me with a working patch.

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