27 Jun 2005

website design revision

i've just updated my web site design to get rid of the sidebar and revised the header a little.

the sidebar really annoyed me. the sidebar really screams "i am running a drupal (or any other cms) site!!" i really want a site that doesn't look like everyone elses. but unfortunately, the sidebar is rather essential to site navigation. so a compromise now is the have some el-cheapo javascript that shows and hides the menu. the javascript is a combination of apple's fade in fade out javascript they use in their widgets, and also some cross-browser hacks that i've found on the net.

the second major change is the header. the look and feel of the side was previously compromised by my attempt to have rounded corners on the site. i think that was a mistake in the first place, so i've gone back to my trusty 90 degree angles and got rid of the rounded corners. i think kubrick themed sites are nice only if all corners are rounded. if only some of them are rounded, the site becomes quite ugly.

after these changes, there are still some issues that i need to fix. firstly, i want to jig the drupal navigation block into a menu that doesn't require javascript hiding/unhiding. make it small enough that you can do one of those pulldown type menus with css.

also i need to fix display issues in IE. IE has a nasty problem of not being able to display PNG files with full transparency. there's a fix for it in javascript, but for some reason it screws up the rendering of my page. so if you use IE, then use something else, GDI! at least until IE7 is out when it properly supports PNG and CSS.

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