01 Jul 2005

bandwidth, numbers and widgets

only these last couple of days have i been running my logs through a web log analyser (modlogan - i maintain that for gentoo:) because previously i was discouraged by my old host for not using the combined log format which included referrer and user agent.

one of the interesting trends i noticed was that my site steadily consumed around 3-4GB of bandwidth every month. most of it was for a tshirt folding video i host. i'm not quite sure where the origin of that video was, but i believe i was sent a link to it, and put it on my server to show to my friends in the lab. then i posted it on my blog and forgot about it. now it is the biggest consumer of bandwidth for me. although it wasn't much a problem since i wasn't paying for bandwidth, but now i am, i'm a little anal about it :)

my front page, rss feed and atom feed are the second most popular urls. they consume around a combined 800MB of bandwidth per month.

however, the most surprising thing i've noticed is my bandwidth consumption for june. for the month of june, my site has consumed a combined total of 21GB! the number of people downloading the t-shirt video has stayed the same, but the reason for this huge spike is my album art widget.

i released the first version of my widget in may, and at that time, i didn't think it was good enough to submit to apple, so i only submitted it to dashboardwidgets.com. they do their own mirroring, so most of the downloads never reached my server. i did get linked by some japanese mac blogs (minasan konichiwa!!) and also apparently my widget is being included in a magazine's cd, so i got some hits from there.

in june, i released version 2.0 of my widget which i thought was good enough to be publicly consumed. mainly because i designed all the artwork from scratch (yeah, you can tell coz it sucks ;P) and it had amazon fetching. moreover, i understood the widget process much more than my hacky attempt in the first version.

my widget has stayed in the apple's top 50 downloads since i uploaded it, right now it is 16th on the list. apple doesn't mirror the widget, instead, it had a redirect that counts the download and sends interested punters directly to the zip file.

at my last count, the total number of downloads for the widget from my site is 51759. that is not including people who download from dashboardwidgets.com.

the breakdown per version is as follows:

version 1.0 from 6 may 2005 : 6293

version 2.0 from 5 june 2005: 5220

version 2.1 from 10 june 2005: 40250

(note the numbers don't add up because i'm doing this in real time)

more interesting and funny stats for the last 3 days are:

317 people downloaded my widget are using windows (??)

5081 use safari

285 use Mac IE

186 use Firefox

19 use Camino

14 use Netscape 7

6 use OmniWeb

4 use AOL-7.0

based on their browser language:

93 downloads are japanese (arigato!)

203 downloads are german (gutentag!)

4184 downloads are english speaking

31 downloads are chinese

135 downloads are italian (emm .. pizza?)

277 downloads are french (bonjour!)

115 downloads are spanish (hola!)

ahh .. enough time wasting.

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