07 Jul 2005

podcasts? what are they all about?

so what is the podcasts thing people keep talking about? think of it as recorded radio, difference is that alot of people are doing it from commercial entities to amateurs.

i've been pretty skeptical initially, and i'm sure most people are. i've tried to get ipodder (probably one of the first couple of podcasting programs around) but i never successfully did anything with it.

now that itunes 4.9 has podcasting support built in, i decided to give it another go. and i'm happy to say that i'm slightly hooked. i'm quite picky on the stuff i want to hear. i've initially started to sample the stuff from the top 10 list in itunes, but most of it is pretentious radio or news that i've taken off my subscribe list, other stuff just plain doesn't work.

so what is on my subscription list at the moment? it's Triple-M's 104.9 Podcast (xml), Triple-J's Dr. Karl's podcast (xml), Engadget Podcast (xml) and Adam Curry's Daily Source Code (xml).

Triple-M's podcast are actually snippets from a popular radio station in Sydney. The coolest thing with this podcast is that it summarises the best parts of funny shows on that day (week?). feels like home (and with no ads!)!!

Triple-J's Dr Karl is an eccentric but popular scientist who has a regular slot on radio and had a tv-series on australian tv. he talks about some interesting science things in laymen's terms. i had the pleasure of listening to him explain the theory of relativity at my old high school. i'm sort of on the fence on whether to keep this one up.

Engadget podcast, well, its very amatuerishly done, basically two guys arguing about gadgets. despite my terse description, its actually quite interesting :) too american centric though (eg. arguments about t-mobile or cingular). i kinda like the amatuerish nature of this podcast, the guys do a pretty good job, and they have this non-stop self-promotion aspect to them!

finally, the Adam Curry's Daily Source Code is an eclectic mix of tech geek meets conventional radio. Sometimes there's some weird radio gimmicks. He was featured on Steve Jobs keynote. the guy is from UK.

anyway, thats all for now, maybe i'll promote some new stuff when i come across it. for now, i just wonder what porn podcasts are? hrmmmm....

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